Memoirs of Jacks Creek school

Some memories about his school times at Big Jacks creek school, by Neil Barwick.

Some memories of School days at Jacks Creek School.


My mate Malcolm Chad & I attended Jacks Creek School in1947-48 and we walked about 1 km each way to attend each day.


One afternoon as we were walking home, a car pulled up beside us and the driver opened the passenger door and offered us a lift.  Malcolm immediately jumped in but I flatly refused the offer.  The door closed and the car drove off in a cloud of dust!  My parents had warned me never to accept a lift from strangers! However, the joke was on me as the driver of the car was the Methodist minister, Mr Pill and was well know to Malcolm as he then attended the local Methodist Church.


In a particular lush season, from the edges of the road to the fences on the way to school, was a solid ‘jungle’ of Variegated Thistles about 6-8 feet high!  Malcolm and I used sticks to make tracks through the ‘jungle’ from our front gates to the school entrance.  We could walk to and from Jacks Creek School completely hidden from view until such times as the thistles died off and fell over.


Archie Kelaher was a grader driver for the Warrah Shire.  Occasionally as we were walking home from school, his road grader would be working along our section of gravel road.  If he was going the same way as Malcolm & I, he would pull up and offer us a lift home to our front gates!  Naturally we would quickly climb aboard and thrill with the ride in what then, to us, was an enormous sized machine.  Made our day!!


Hector Barwick was fencing right opposite the Jacks Creek School.  He was digging a hole to put in a strainer post but had hit rock and couldn’t get any deeper.  He went back home and came back with plugs of gelignite and fuses.  Before setting it off, he asked us to remain in the school yard where we witnessed an enormous explosion with dirt and rocks flying everywhere!  No one was hurt and his post hole was immediately plenty deep enough!


Miss Dellar was the last teacher at Jacks Creek School before it finally closed.  One afternoon her car wouldn’t start so she opened the bonnet, removed the top of the air-cleaner and poured some petrol down the throat of the carburettor.  This was common practice back then with the old model cars.  When she pressed the starter, the car back-fired and a sheet of flame flew out of the carbie!  All us kids gathered up handfuls of dirt and gravel and threw on the fire, and managed to put it out and save the car!


We all had a good laugh one day when we saw a car and trailer racing past the school on the gravel road.  The trailer had no drawbar and was attached to the car on each side with a pivot, and the only wheel was in the middle of the trailer at the back.  The wheel was mounted on a spring, and as the car and single wheel trailer raced over the enormous sized corrugations and potholes, the trailer and wheel were more times off the road than on.  Then the climax was when we all saw the spring break, the wheel flew through the air and the back of the trailer dropped to the road sending gravel stones and dust flying in all directions.


Sometimes Peter Martin from McDonalds Creek would ride past Jacks Creek School on his stockhorse and call in at the school.  Miss Dellar would then dismiss lessons and give all of us pupils extra time in the playground.  We discovered later that Miss Dellar and Peter were very ‘good friends’, and on these occasions they were courting.  The very happy ending to the story was that Peter Martin and Madge Dellar became engaged and had a long and happy marriage.




L-R. Past Jacks creek pupils, Peter Doyle, Malcolm Chad. Alex Chad, Neil Barwick, Val Seymour [nee Avard] and past teacher and pupil, Madge Martin.

On the first bus tour west, on the Saturday of the centenary, the two buses pulled up at the site of the Jacks Creek school , and the commemorative rock was unveiled by former pupil and teacher, Madge Martin.

Robyn Guenther (nee Jackson) Val Avard's) cousin 04.04.2015 04:22

I found this site when my daughter wanted to know the name of my grandparents home!

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work