Letters from various people from Warrah and AACo.

Letters from the Warrah Managers to the AACo General Superintendent.

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Australian Agricultural Company. Superintendents.

1825-28. John Dawson. Arrived in two ships, 1825, with 27 men, 14 women, and 40 children. Sheep and cattle and horses. Settled at Port Stephens site.

1829-34. Sir Edward William Parry. Accepted mining proposal at Newcastle, first shipment of coal in 1831. Selected and acquired Warrah and Goonoo Goonoo. Built Stoud church.

1834-38. Col Henry Dumaresq. Died in 1838. 

1839-49. Captain Phillip Parker King. He changed the company from convict to free labour. Progress at Warrah and Goonoo Goonoo. 

1851. Robert Marsh Westacott. General superintendent for only two months when he returns to England.

1851. Archibald William Blane. Deputy governer of the AACo. Arrived in Sydney on 8/2/1851 to look into the companies affairs.

1852-56. Captain Marcus Freeman Brownrigg. R. N. Goonoo Goonoo transfered to the Peel River Land and Mining Company. Tahlee at Port Stephens sold for £2000.

1856-61. Arthur Hodgson. Arrived Oct 1856. Improvement in mining work at Newcastle. Iron bridge over Hunter street was built. 

1861-75. Edward Christoper Merewether. His good management restored the company's fortunes. He overcame labour troubles in coal-mining and with James Fletcher helped to arrange the 'vend' system. Merewether closely supervised the company's large stations. On Warrah he had a sheep-washing pool and pump installed at a cost of over £4000 and in 1868-75 the run was subdivided with wire fencing for £13,500.

1876-1905. Jesse Gregson. In 1877-78 at Warrah 25,000 sheep died in a severe drought, a disaster which made Gregson doubt the value of pastoral investment, but by 1880 Warrah had 113,000 sheep and complete rabbit-proof fencing. He was responsive to increases in the value of company land that followed railway extensions and began the sale of property that in May 1893 culminated in the disposal of the Port Stephens estate. With Nelson Brothers he built a chilling and freezing works at Aberdeen. Gregson soon mastered the coal-mining industry and became the outstanding spokesman of the colliery proprietors. In his dealings with the miners' union Gregson was both just and hard.

Frederick Livingston Learmonth. Land sales at Warrah and closer settlement ares declared. 

1910-20. J Stanley Christian. Large properties acquired in Queensland. 1912 Corona. 1915 Blabensburg and Highfields. 1916 Headingly. In 1916 the companies coal interests were sold to Hebburn Ltd. Further land sales at Warrah. 

1920-33. James Henry. Continuence of land sales at Newcastle and Warrah. 


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