A.A.Co. "Warrahs" worker graves.

On the property "Nara", part of the 1967 subdivision, now owned by John Benham, lies the graves of two workers of the A.A.Co.'s Warrah estate. They are the graves of Doughy Roberts and Jim Davis. Doughy was the companies first resident employee, and Davis was the last Warrah shepherd.

The graves used to have a nice wooden fence around them, with wooden cross headstones. It's all fallen to bits with time and the elements, and John Benham has taken what remains of the crosses and put them in dry storage and marked the site.



Doughy Roberts. Companys first resident employee.
Jim Davis. Last Warrah shepherd.
A remaining wooden peg, marking the site of the graves.

It is hoped that a new fence can be erected where the old one used to be, and new headstones placed on the graves.

The graves. 1950's.

Helen Copeland sent this photo of the graves, taken about 1951, in what was then the washpool paddock.

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Absolutely delighted to come across a part of my direct ancestors history about which I knew very little and shall endeavour to find out more
Thank you Prof. A.

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Very interesting Kelaher family history. Impressive number of trained nursing sisters. Jack lent the Copelands a cream horse, Playboy, in 1950's, ridden by Kate

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Wonderfully informative. Thank goodness for Jane and John Atchison's work